Monday, October 08, 2007

New Photo

I spent three days last week helping a grad student in marine biology with her masters degree project. Kim is studying the ecology of oil rigs in the Santa Barbara channel off the coast from Ventura, Ca. For the final effort, she wanted to tag five lingcod from a depth of about 750 feet. It took three days but we did it. Each day I reeled in over a mile of line, about 800 feet at a time, as we dropped and retrieved 3 to 4 pound weights up to nine times a day. Here is a photo of one of the beauties (and my own self).


Anonymous said...

I know you like to fish, but a mile of line? Egads!


Gary S. Hurd said...

Howdy Richardo. Those fish had big teeth, and I can personally attest they have sharp teeth.

I bled for science. I bled a lot actually.