Thursday, March 10, 2011

He said I said, but I didn't

I think I'll go fishing this morning. But first, here is a little bit of editorial writing amusement. A creationist, Mr. Paul James, wrote a guest editorial for the Palm Beach Daily, published Feb. 9, 2011. After I made a few remarks in the discussion, I emailed the editor of the paper to offer a counter-point. After a couple of weeks, they ran my piece on Feb. 27. Just a few days later, Paul James is back with his response.

That isn't the "good part." The good part was that Mr. James has attributed to me a bigoted opinion written by another creationist. Mr. James took the quote from this blog entry, "ID Creationism in Minnesota," where I am critical of creationist Joe Cap.

But even better is the fact that a childish atheist called "Human Ape," AKA "bobbyxxxx" tried to join James in attacking me. (All of bobby's posts were deleted, BTW). Irony is not dead: A creationist (James) quoting a creationist (Cap) because he wants to embarrass a scientist (me) is supported by an atheist twit (bobby).

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