Friday, January 06, 2012

Another Steve leaves the Dark Side

Last October I noticed that Professor C. STEVEN Murphree wrote a letter-to-the-editor published today in the "Daily News Journal" of Rutherford County, Tennessee. Titled "Theistic evolution' can be an alternative for believers," Dr. Steve Murphree (Belmont University) wrote,
This was once my position (ID creationism, gh), one that I held until after I became a biology professor, and I do not fault Mr. Myers or others who came to hold it in much the same way that I did. I was at least as passionate though not as fearful about Darwinist control as Mr. Myers, and 10 years ago I signed the Discovery Institute's "Scientific Dissent from Darwinism," a choice that I now genuinely regret.

I suggested at the time that Prof. Steve should consider becoming one of the "Project Steve" Steves.

Well, today he did, and is welcomed as the 1184th Steve. That is one more Steve for truth, and one less for the Discotute's bogus appeal to authority, the "Dissent from Darwinism."


Dan Eastwood said...

A quick check finds the Discotute still listing Dr. Murphree among the ranks of dissent. Surely two months is enough time to have corrected the list? But then, they never correct anything else, so why would they bother with this?

I suspect there are a number of other people like Dr. Murphree on this list, having signed on to a very vague statement without realizing the intent.

Gary S. Hurd said...

Wes Elsberry made the observation that you could easily be on both lists since the The Discotute 'statement' is totally weak. As I said, Darwin could have signed it.

Gary S. Hurd said...

You might like reading "Discotute Dissent from Darwin."

Dan Eastwood said...

I know someone on the list, and I once asked him why he signed. If brief, he signed because he has strong faith, and some reasonable doubts about the eventual conclusions - definitely NOT because he subscribes to any Creation science nonsense.