Sunday, July 15, 2012

I have rarely ever seen a worse mess

My news feeder came up with this the other day, "Darwin's Evolution theory obsolete?", hosted by "Allvoices" which calls itself, "the world's premier platform for citizen journalism."

It is such a crow's nest of paranoid right-wing fanaticism, and creationist twaddle that I won't even begin to try and untangle it. I know that clicking on the page feeds a fraction of a penny to the lunatic who wrote it, but it is such a freak show that I posted the link anyway. There is probably something I should say about the quality of "information" on the internet, but it seems inadequate.

In other news, local fishing remains slow, and my attempts to make anything clear to creationists on The Nation's Creationism and education thread have come to naught.


EastwoodDC said...

The author (DocVega) is getting shredded in the comments, and is generally revealing himself to be an unstable personality.

And I found and read some of your comments at The Nation:

Looks to me like you and Canadian Skeptic are more than holding your own.

Gary S. Hurd said...

I am finally fed-up with creationist lawyer "thomasmichael."

I need to go fishing.

RBH said...

Velikovsky? Velikovsky???

Egads. They're worse than creationists!