Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kent Hovind, 2013

Patriot Bible University has sold another doctorate to Kent Hovind. He has claimed to have gotten two masters and three doctorates in education, theology, and divinity (honorary). He now claims to have added a doctorate in "biblical ministry."

His 'dissertation' titled "What on Earth is about to happen for Heaven's Sake" is available on-line as a PDF. I think it is better to Google for a current URL in case there are copy right issues.


DA said...

I searched for his dissertation online and found that it was available for sale on a number of different websites.

I do not have a PhD but aren't these usually available for free at the university? It seems morally wrong to charge someone when you're trying to help the world by proclaiming what you feel is the truth.

Gary S. Hurd said...

Good questions.

Since Hovind's "university" isn't really a university, Hovind gets to retain the copyright. I had to give my copyright for my dissertation to a company that specialized in publishing dissertations. They did send me a royalty check once.

Your question about whether it is wrong to charge for salvation seems to have been answered by the Roman Church in the negative.