Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blogger Gadgets

The "follower" gadget seems to break every few days. Nobody shows up in the sidebar, but the software says there are now 18 "followers." At first I would waste a few hours trying to fix "my mistake," now I just wait for it to be fixed at the "home office." If you are a regular visitor, or might become one, I confess I gain motivation to make posts knowing you are out there in cyberville.

I have noticed an increase in page views over the last month or so. (I have also had a spate of creationist spam sent to my email). I hope that readers gain something, if only a moments distraction.


Susannah (Wanderin' Weeta) said...

I can't find a "Follow" button on the blog. I think you need to re-install.

Susannah (Wanderin' Weeta) said...

Very strange: now that I've commented, your 18 followers show up. I'm one of them.

Gary S. Hurd said...


Glad you came by. I have had quite a few visiters from your blog. Your nature photos are very good.

I have tried several different things on the "followers gadget," but it doesn't seem to be a local problem.

Rock Head said...


I like your blog, and I miss your posts on Amazon, but I clearly feel your frustration.

Gary S. Hurd said...

Howdy Rock Head,

When the 'net nannies' started banning the rational, and liberal contributers to the public forums, I learned that Barns and Noble actually had better prices on books.

Weird, but satisfying.