Saturday, July 23, 2011

Satan made me do it

I was going to save this for last, and I suppose that I have in spite of having 6 more of Rev. Miller’s headline reasons “Why Won't Creationists Just Give Up?” that I could take to the trash heap.

But here is the definitive reason against discussing reality with Miller, or his ilk;

“Because Satan has provided people with a way of looking at the world that doesn't need God (evolutionary theory), and we need to expose the weaknesses in that proposition rather than compromise with it.”

Rev. Adrian Miller seeks to avoid any critical thinking about his extreme claims for revelatory perfection by preemptively blaming Satan for any counter evidence, or objections. This makes it impossible for Miller to discuss anything at all in good faith. Anything he doesn’t like is because “Satan did it.” Anything that shows Miller to be a hypocrite, “Satan did it.” Anything that shows Miller to be an ignorant twit, “Satan did it.”

Is there any reason to finish Miller's objections to reality?

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