Saturday, April 07, 2012

Another lecture done

My colleague Jim Hofmann, Professor and Chair of Liberal Studies at Cal State U, Fullerton, had me over on Tuesday to talk with his class, "Evolution and Creation." Jim and I met years ago when taping video interviews about creationism. The website linked above has a massive compilation of links to all sides of the evo/creato debates. My topic was "Geological Features of Great Age." I will try (again) to figure a way to post my Power Point slides to "Stones and Bones." If anyone knows how to do this, please teach me.

I was a bit ragged this time, I fear. I was getting ready for my UFO abduction audition: I had a colonoscopy scheduled Thursday morning (crack of dawn pun suppressed).


Dan Eastwood said...

Oh no, not colonoscopy puns! There will be no end to this!!

For posting your slides, do you mean just to upload the file somewhere and link to it?
I created a Google Site for the occasional hosting of files like that. You can upload your PPT or PDF file there and link to it.

If you want to post your slides directly, as in a blog post, that might be tricky. You could try uploading it to Google Docs (as a Presentation) and then publishing the result to Blogger - this works for other Google Document types, but I've never tried it with a presentation.

Dan Eastwood said...

And WOW! The list of resources for the Evolution and Creation class could keep me busy for months. Which, I suppose, is the point.

Gary S. Hurd said...

Thanks for the ideas. I'll poke at it for a bit. Another possibility would be using the JPEGs I used for the PP file, and/or converting the few that weren't JPEG. Loading all those, and adding comments. That just seems like a lot of work. (Not that the fishing is any good).

LadyAtheist said...


Or, turn them into a video & post them to google.

I look forward to seeing them.

Gary S. Hurd said...

Another good idea.


RBH said...

"(crack of dawn pun suppressed)."

The world thanks you. :)

Gary S. Hurd said...

The world is welcome.