Monday, April 30, 2012

The Salvation Army "debate" is off the schedule

We were supposed to have taped a "friendly" discussion tomorrow. This was the second reschedule. Just now I received an email that they wanted to change the "other side" for the third time. And the discussion topic was obviously going to be the evo-creato bullshit from Ray Comfort's "Way of the Master" wanker fest. I had already refused to discuss anything with Comfort because he is a hack. He does nothing but repeat the same tired lies he has for the last 15 years, and will continue to until he dies. He knows they are bullshit, but that is all he has to retire on, and he isn't about to get a real job.

Instead they tried to switch a potentially interesting fellow, Dr. Bob Docter, with one of Ray Comfort's acolytes, Stuart G. Scott.

This was such an unprofessional operation that I don't trust them honestly editing any video. No telling how they would chop it. See Expelled Exposed for examples of how creationists lie with video edits, particularly see the section at this URL link.

ah' haz had enuff.


RBH said...

Shucks. I was looking forward to it.

Gary S. Hurd said...

Yeah, it could have been interesting. In addition to the runaround mentioned above, they decided they would tape two shows, but not pay any more than for one.