Saturday, May 05, 2012

The true cost of the anti-vaccination lies

I have been watching the reported cases of whooping cough, pertussis, grow almost daily for the last month. The state of Washington is being particularly hard hit (so far). They are spending over $200,000 to try and "catch-up" on vaccinations.

I saw a reported fatality this morning which will probably be the first of many. This is the real cost of the anti-vaccination lies of Randall Hoven, and his right-wing pals at American Thinker. Now they truly are Baby Killers.

Randall Hoven IS either stupid, or a liar.

Randall Hoven is either stupid, or lying, Part II

Right-Wingnut Randall Hoven: Stupid, Liar, or Lazy? Part III

As I said at the time,
So, Mr. Hoven concludes that he and his should skip vaccinations, and leave all the associated costs and risks to others because, “We should not be treated like benighted troglodytes for being skeptical of medical "science.”

No, not troglodytes, Mr. Hoven- you should be treated like lazy, stupid, selfish, dishonest parasites.

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