Thursday, May 31, 2012

How can we keep up?

Mrs. Chatman has posted another slew of creatocrap. This time she has plagiarized the Jack Chick cartoon tract "Big Daddy, Frame 10"- Blackboard with 6 kinds of evolution. She is nearly as quick as Duane Gish in his famous "Gish Gallop" of creationist lies.

This saves me a lot of time since I am working on a frame by frame rebuttal of this very same lump of creatocrap.

Why do fundamentalist creationists find it necessary to lie to support their cult? Do they know they are liars? Do they care?


EastwoodDC said...

In the Cult of Fundamentalist Creationism, they have an assumed truth, and anything that contradicts their truth is not tolerated. It is a worldview free of formal logic and reason, and by this standard lies are not possible. To disagree with their truth is the same as being a non-believer, and therefore a liar (by their definition).

As for Mrs. Chatman, it's a big internet - we can't correct everyone, much less persuade them. What we can do is show there there is a smarter alternative. Chatman and the cult won't listen, but others will understand. It is not necessary to refute every post and every point. That is Gish's game, don't play into it.

Chatman is definitely a serial quote-miner. In my research into her plagiarism I am finding her own sources don't support her conclusions. I had too much real work this week to write that up, but maybe I can tomorrow.

EastwoodDC said...

FrankJ has some good comments on a related topic:

Gary S. Hurd said...

Well, since Mrs. Chatman has been cribbing her blog items from Jack Chick, among others, my replies to her BS doubles for my "Big Daddy" project.