Tuesday, May 08, 2012

I was fishing the other day

I was fishing at Catalina Island yesterday aboard the Fury out of Dana Warf. The crew were, as always, exemplary; friendly, and actively helpful. We had the first day this year of a solid calico bass bite with water temperatures around 63 F. I kept five bass for the table, and released the rest. I also won the ‘big fish’ jackpot with a sheephead, which we released as well. (We put him directly into the bait tank from the hook. I promised to let him go if he won, but eat him if he lost).

But, that isn’t what is on my mind. The trip from Dana Point Harbor to the island takes about 3 hours. I usually sleep on the way out, and sit in the galley on the ride home. There are a clutch of regulars who are in their 70&80s who are rabidly far-right. They loudly proclaim their love for Jesus, and literal adherence of the Bible, when a moment's conversation reveals they know next to nothing about it. Their galley conversations are always about the evils of communist-Muslim-Atheist-tree hugger Democrats. In support of their various paranoid insanities, they spout “facts” that only exist in their fevered imaginations, and the ozone clouds of Faux News. Yesterday the theme was how Obama’s deficit will destroy the lives of their grandchildren.

Yes, pity the po’ po’ wee kiddies who will forever be slaves paying off Obama’s Federal Debt.

But, when I asked them if they shouldn’t also be worried that their grand kids will face a ruined planet due to Republican efforts to gut the environment, they were outraged. “Everyone KNOWS” that global warming, over fishing, clear cutting, water and air pollution are nothing but LIES invented by the Liberals to destroy America.”

And that ends the lesson. These nitwits have nothing between their ears but slogans, and blatant lies they have memorized. It is an impenetrable shield.

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