Sunday, May 13, 2012

Some days I wonder if we can ever counter all the creatocrap

(Several additional people have joined in commenting to Mrs. Chatman's nonsense).

What has me somewhat dispirited today is this great steaming pile of lies and ignorance by Mrs. Jeannie Chatman. I'll pick this apart over the next few days, and add updates as I go. For those interested in the Baylor University Medical Center article, there have been some weird developments. Over the last weekend the editors shifted from "publish" to "reject." Their reasons were weak, to say the least. For example, one "reason" was that this blog had a portion of the text I used in the first two pages of the BUMC Proceedings text. But, I have always had the National Center for Science Education in mind as a reserve, and with them I don't need to be kind to either Joe the Surgeon or Baylor. A re-write is in progress.

Well, the number of gross errors and misrepresentations Mrs. Chatman makes is impressive, particularly when we added in her prior bloviations. But they are not original in any way. I posted two clips; one on Darwin and Nazis from More about Nazi Darwinists, and one on the geological column from Glenn Morton's excellent piece "The Geologic Column and its Implications for the Flood."

The only bit not already familiar to me was the creationist genetics by Jeffery Tomkin, Ph. D. currently working for the Institute for Creation Research. I have pulled a load of papers, and will plug away at them later today. First I need to finish painting the living room.

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