Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mrs. Chatman rides again

Mrs. Chatman has launched a new set of falsehoods against the public. Today she took aim at the fossil data demonstrating human evolution. I can only hope that one day she will try the same shenanigans with the genetic data for human evolution. She has maintained her near prefect score of zero correct claims. I will just enumerate the major falsehoods/lies in this post, and move on with details as time permits. Every one of the following is an error, or out-right falsehood found in Mrs. Chatman’s latest post.

1) “it is taught as a fact that human beings and apes evolved from a common primate ancestor about 50 million years ago.”

(It is neither fact, nor taught).

2) Humans and apes are a different specie (sic). How can they be from a common ancestor?

(“Apes” is not a species identification. The bigger falsehood is more subtle).

3) “Where are the missing links?”

(“Missing links” are a false assumption from the 1700s idea of a “great chain of being. There are deeper errors here, and we in fact have no lack of fossils supporting Human evolution).

4) “The textbooks can't mentioned the missing links anymore, because each one has been proven to be a hoax.”

(School textbooks, unlike the creationist trash Mrs. Chatman reads, try to be accurate and current with modern research. Much more to follow).

5) “the Nebraska man was made from the tooth of an extinct pig.”

(The “Nebraska Man” was largely the invention of an English journalist. It was an honest mistake soon corrected, and never a “hoax”).

6) “The Neanderthal man has been proven to be perfectly human, but just a little unusual looking.”

(Neanderthals were our last surviving “kissing cousins,” (exluding florensis, and Denisova Cave fossils) but it would be very easy to tell them from any modern).

7) “Lucy is still in the textbooks. That poor chimpanzee had her bones scattered miles apart,”

(The notion that an Australopithecus afarensis could be confused with a Chimp (genus Pan sp.) is a testament to monumental ignorance. The “Lucy” skeleton’s bones were found in close together. This particular lie about “miles apart” originated with Kent Hovind. My opinion of Mrs. Chatman has dropped even lower).

8) “Artists even put human feet on her, although no foot bones were found.”

(There are fossil foot bones from Australopithecus afarensis, the species that “Lucy” belonged to, which I’ll discuss later. There are not many “controversies” left for creationists to exaggerate, or lie about).

9) “Why can't there just be the factual study of the wonderful human body, without the theory of evolution?”

(As the devout Christian, and evolutionary biologist Theodosius Dobzhansky wrote, "Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution" (title to his 1973 essay).

10) “Webster's New World Dictionary, the Third College Edition …”

(I have the same dictionary. We should not be surprised that Mrs. Chatman cannot use the dictionary competently).

11) “The theory that man evolved from apes slaps Christianity, and other God believing religions in the face.”

(The fact that Humans have evolved only “slaps” the false biblical traditions of creationists like Mrs. Chatman. Her repeated falsehoods are closer to spiting in the face of belief).

12) “Evolution is the faith based religion of the atheist in the public school system, and it indoctrinates young students.”

(The sciences, which Mrs. Chatman has distorted for some long time, are neither a “faith” nor a “religion.” They are “atheist” only in the same way that civil engineering, plumbing, or auto mechanics are atheist. Never drive across a bridge that depends on prayer to stay intact).

13) “A great multitude of parents object to the indoctrination of their children.”

(Sadly, a great many parents object to racial integration, or even allowing girls go to school at all).

14) “They want only scientific facts taught, not philosohies, theories, or ideas that insult their religion.”

(People who are insulted by the truth have a lot to worry about, and their “wants” are not the controlling factors. And, teaching science as merely a long list of facts is like teaching communication by forcing children to memorize phone books).


EastwoodDC said...

>“A great multitude of parents object to the indoctrination of their children.”

Which is why parents object to the introduction of religious ideas into public school science.

EastwoodDC said...

The opening of the second paragraph (at least) seems to have been copied directly from www.prehistoriclife.net/forums, in a 2008 post. DO NOT try to go there for more, because Google lists it as an attack site.

Not only is Mrs. Chatman a plagarist, but she is likely facing some serious computer troubles in the near future.

EastwoodDC said...

Sorry, that last comment was in reference to her "Dinosaur finds, and modern day fossils disprove evolution" post.

I'll see if I can find plagarism examples in some of her other posts.

EastwoodDC said...

Sorry to SPAM you with so many comments, but I just caught Chatman misquoting the dictionary. See my post as "Tomato Addict".

Gary S. Hurd said...

The dictionary was my point #10.

Nail her to the floor.

EastwoodDC said...

I thought the dictionary point was worth hitting again, since evolution is clearly given as an example.

I'm going to work on the plagiarism angle more, I think it has potential.