Saturday, May 20, 2006

The first webpage article I wrote on the creationist attack on reason was a reaction to the absurd pseudo geology of Tas Walker who writes for the Australian creationist organization "Answers in Genesis Ministries." Titled "A Response to a Dubious Diluvium: A Tas Walker Creationist Fantasy." What was so maddening then and now is how readily creationists take absurd positions that fly in the face of reality. My article was hosted by the late John Stear on his Australian website, "No Answers in Genesis." Feel free to comment if you have an interest in discussing this article, or Walker's original writing.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Jo Que

I am nearly ready. I have been trying to learn how to best use this software package, and to wrap up some other writing. This tiny corner of cyberspace will be entirely focused on the on-going creationist attack on reason. I say "reason" because I also want to expand my focus a bit from science to also consider some of the historical and theological failings of creationism.

I realize that I will probably retreat from the web-based bulletin boards that I have frequented for the last ~6 years. This will be something of a relief.

I have a significant backload of writing projects that are cash propositions, so I am going to launch "Stones n' Bones" with a reposting of my earlier website articles on evo/creato. If you never read them before, I hope you like them. If you have read them already, I hope that you will take the time to comment.