Saturday, May 20, 2006

The first webpage article I wrote on the creationist attack on reason was a reaction to the absurd pseudo geology of Tas Walker who writes for the Australian creationist organization "Answers in Genesis Ministries." Titled "A Response to a Dubious Diluvium: A Tas Walker Creationist Fantasy." What was so maddening then and now is how readily creationists take absurd positions that fly in the face of reality. My article was hosted by the late John Stear on his Australian website, "No Answers in Genesis." Feel free to comment if you have an interest in discussing this article, or Walker's original writing.


Hatchets_Up said...

Choosing Reality over Creation is a difficult leap. Not because it lacks validity, but because people lack courage. Humankind, in general, is afraid to step away from the portrait they have painted of themselves and rejoin the rest of world in the random miracle of life. Human beings have developed something that other animals have not yet had the ability to invent...vanity. I believe that the creation of vanity which in turned created God (man's desire to be more than he truly is, for God is in fact a reflection of each wo/man's reflection on a perfect self) now fuels the creationist debate. The reason why man developed vanitiy is ironically attributed (in my opinion) to evolution. A confident stride and an heir of importance is apt to attract more sexual companionship and therefore create more opportunities for reproduction. This behavior was passed down from parent to child and the attitude eventually developed into an ego, a psycological counterpart to physical manerisms. This ego made man value himself and his unique destroyed his abiltiy to respect that his genes were his legacy and not his ever-lasting soul. The idea that his self could fade into oblivion was at first an offense to wo/man's pride and then a very fearful prospect. We are born with the genetics to practice vanity, and we learn the rest from our parents. Those who are able to accept the idea of evolution instead of creation, are those who have become educated and unmasked.

Gary S. Hurd said...

Thanks for your comment. The phrase, "an heir of importance" was great.