Saturday, October 08, 2011

Collecting Carl Baugh

I thought I'd pull the items I wrote about Carl Baugh, and his purchase of the faked "human and dinosaur together" foot print, AKA the "Alvis Delk Cretaceous Footprint"

Edit 2018, Since I posted this the "Creation Evidence Museum" has replaced their original website. New URLs were assigned. The new main article on the Delk fake is;

Worse, nearly all high resolution photos have been taken down.

The list in the sequence I wrote them follows;

"Carl Baugh's latest Fake"

"Baugh's Fake Foot, Round 2"

"Playing footsy with the truth"

"Other views on Baugh's fake foot"

As it happened, I was so certain that there would be a faked patina on the carving that I "over interpreted" an early published photo of the fake foot prints. It turned out that a much better photo was published (by a creationist supporter of Baugh) which did clearly show the obvious result of an acid wash. A short while later, the granddaughter of one of the local foot print "artists" told a newspaper how her grandfather had faked human&dinosaur footprints, including the detail of using acid to "make it look old."

Carl Baugh has many other dubious, and out-right frauds to his discredit:
Carl Baugh's many frauds


Gary S. Hurd said...

The link is to real human footprints from an archaeological study.

Gary S. Hurd said...

A blog on dino footprints.