Thursday, November 10, 2011


The other day, I wrote a reaction to a comment posted in the Johannesburg Times LIVE, South Africa. I titled it "Cutting edge or bleeding Idiot?"

Very clever, but I made a big mistake. I wrote, "We do of course know several natural mechanisms that add "specified complexity" to genomes. One of the more obvious is simple duplication of a gene during mitosis."

I was thinking, of course, of writing meiosis.

But that was not the BIG mistake. What I was really thinking about was bacterial fission, and not even meiosis at all!

I'll stick in more links and an explanation of why that was such a lame mistake tomorrow. (I wonder if anybody else will notice)?

The rest of the piece was OK, excluding a trivial typo.


Anonymous said...

Is gene duplication a viable explanation for the origination of biological information and complexity?

by Joseph Esfandiar Hannon Bozorgmehr

Anonymous said...

Gary S. Hurd writes at:

"There is simply no scientific support for the creationist reading of Genesis. Attempting to fake such evidence is demeaning to the Bible, and should not be encouraged among the faithful."


On Nov. 3, UBCO chemistry professor Ed Neeland summarized scientific evidence supporting the creation model of origins over the evolution

The talk can be viewed here:

For example, Neeland mentioned California’s Sharktooth Hill bonebed, and asked the audience what kind of event could have rapidly buried billions
of land (eg. tapirs, horses) and sea creatures (eg. sharks, seals) in a 10 to 50 cm deposit over a 100 square kilometres? He said this is one of several evidences that a worldwide flood ocurred.

Geologist/karstologist Dr. Emil Silvestru immigrated to Canada in 2002.

Silvestru earned his Ph.D in geology at Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj, Romania, where he was associate professor in karst sedimentology. This world authority on cave geology has published 41 scientific papers. His areas of expertise include: sedimentology of clastic deposits, stratigraphy of limestone terranes, cave climate and glaciology, and ore prospecting & exploration.

Watch Silvestru's 2-part interview, "Was Noah's Flood Real?" at
( and

See also:

and check out the book and documentary series, Evolution: The Grand Experiment (