Sunday, February 12, 2012

Other critiques of Joe the Surgeon

Joseph A Kuhn died July 20, 2014.

Joe Kuhn, MD wrote an extended bit of creatocrap that I have been debunking- bit by bit. They are; Part 1, and Part 2. I still hope to have Part 3 (of five) ready today.
This is more like Part 2.1

The Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings had invited Charles Stewart Roberts, MD, to provide a pro-science commentary published in the same edition.

Since then, Baylor UMC Proceedings has also presented a pre-print rebuttal by Gregory G. Dimijian, MD. I find it rather significant that the Baylor folks have already linked this from their current issue's Table of Contents.

Two other critiques are on-line, one by Jerry Coyne, and one by "Afarensis."

I think there is much more to say.

One question that I really have no idea of how to answer is "Why?" Why would any editor allow this crap to run in their journal?

One possibility is that they wanted to expose Joe Kuhn.

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