Friday, May 19, 2023

I'll watch it

                                       I GIVE UP!                                     

I was writing a freaking book about this "debate" !!!

And, the science is advancing faster than I am writing. For example, James Tour hyped homochiral proteins, and nucleic acids.

This was in my Email today;
"‘Breakthrough’ could explain why life molecules are left- or right-handed Experiments suggest magnetic materials skewed early biomolecules"

Does it? Then my paper on this is going to get rejected. I at minimum need a rewrite on it.


James Tour will be hosting "professor" Dave Farina on May 19, 2023 to debate the origin of life.

I watched it twice. And I also watched

And I have now watched Dave Farina's re-edited version I will call "The Way Farina Wished It Happened." 

I watched.

I'll post.

It sucked.

I have been stuck on three prongs.

1) Critique Tour 2) Critique Farina 3) "What I would have done instead"

This will take longer than I thought.

Here are my raw notes from a first pass view of Tour's remarks.

1) homochrial

2) Five criteria for life (slide)
    1) Polypeptides, proteins and enzymes
    2) Polynucleotides, RNA
    3) Polysaccharides, charbohydrates
    4) The origin of specified information in the above polymers
    5) Assembly of the above compounds into an integrated functional living system, namely a cell

3) OOL haves a "Time of the gaps appeal." "Over millions of years such and such happened" "Those bedtime stories, they are devoid of any precise Chemistry, may as well start Once upon a time."  

4) "I address Mr. Farina as a Graduate Student"

5) Criteria of Life: response to environment, growth and change, ability to reproduce, metabolism, homeostasis, cells, passing traits on to offspring

6) A valid hypothesis is one in which there is experimental evidence substantiating the proposed science. An invalid hypothesis is one in which there is NO Way to substantiate the proposed science.

7) BS about air travel

8) "Nobody was present at life's origin so we will never really know how life originated."

9) "Show the data"

10) "2021 Journal of Pragmatics "Hyperbally in Scientific Publications." 

11) OOL research is extreme "takes the cake"

12) Lee Krowin 2011 "create lab life in 2 years."  

13) Jack Szostak 2014 "create lab life in 3 to 5 years"

14) repeat his Life Criteria, "Prove all 5 or We are clueless."

15) "Show even one."

16) Slams Szostak, "autocatalytic sets were never chemically realistic." 

17) Lee Crowin "admits OOL is a scam" (Twitter remark March 2022. See ) "I have no data on that. It is right now a belief. I want to turn that belief into more than a belief by experimentation." 

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Davisj said...

And to think some people in the comment section of the Lex video are trying to say Lee was agreeing with Tour. Amazing how dense people can be.